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Tucker Oilfield Hauling Ltd. specializes in Jack and Roll services that are a safe, convenient and cost effective alternative for lifting, moving and weighing over-dimensional loads. Jack and Roll services are ideal in remote locations where there is limited crane availability, limited crane accessibility or on sites where space constraints are a major issue. We currently have two Jack & Roll crews which provide a safe and efficient option for our customers, loading, offloading and facility equipment move needs. Currently, we have the capabilities to Jack & Roll up to 300 Ton. Our highly qualified personnel, combined have over 60 yrs. experience in the Jack and Roll field.

  • At Tucker Oilfield Hauling Ltd. we use State of the Art Hydra Slide Systems. This mechanism is a heavy duty skidding system providing the most accurate method for moving, loading or unloading all types of heavy loads: Transformers, generators, compressors, pressure vessels, and machines where a rigid, load carrying track is required.
  • The skid system is controlled by one operator working from a remotely positioned power unit. No need for personnel to be close to load when moving. No winch lines, no holdbacks and no heavy equipment required. Safe, efficient and economical.
  • Engineered Ratchet Track design facilitates continuous movement and automatic resetting of push cylinders. Loads can be moved in either direction by simply repositioning the push cylinders. Skidding speed is governed by the output volume of the pump unit but is generally in the range of 1-2 feet per minute.
  • Hydraulic push cylinders provide for precise and accurate positioning of the load. They are specially adapted 10,000-psi Enerpac (or equivalent) double-acting hydraulic cylinders with standard CR-400 couplers. This 300 Ton system has a total height of only 7", considered low profile. This saves jacking time and is ideal for working in confined spaces. The Ratchet Track design is strong and durable. All fabricated components are designed, engineered and certified.


Jack and Roll Slide System


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